03 August 2010

Day 9

A chilly start to the day accompanied with a standard scrambled egg breakfast! The day begun at a steady pace as we made our descent into Cambridge , lunch was lovely as one of the gorgeous mum discovered an enchanted school tucked away in a majestic housing estate, several nutella sanwhiches later We set off on the final stretch into Cambridge, despite glimpses of grey clouds we avoided the rain! We arrived at Waterbeach Barracks where Ross Preston took the stage, with George and Harry taking the other two podium posistions. We ventured into the city of Cambridge, where once again we mugged innocent pedestrains of their loose change, we returned to the barracks to be greeted by mouth watering steaks courtsey of Lord Watson, which were magnificently cooked by the parents, we have also gained a new comrad who will cycle with us into the magical town of Colchester!   

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