31 July 2010

Day 5 - Barnard Castle

On day five the team travelled 80 miles to Barnard Castle on what was the hardest stage of the cycle in terms of ascending. A detour off-road into a forest provided the days entertainment and many crashes, along with some bewildered looks from a group of walkers.

Climbing over the Pennines took it's toll as only the clicking noise of changing gears, heavy breathing and occassional singing could be heard. An outstanding effort today...looking forward to seeing Ben on the weekend!

29 July 2010

Day 4 - Selkirk

Today started with a trip to A&E for Morgan, who we later found out has sustained an elbow fracture following yesterdays bike clash...despite this news, Morgan was determined that he would continue riding and powered on with the boys through day 4. We had a great start to the morning and quickly reached the English border where we were greeted by the most spectacular and truly breathtaking views of the country. We pushed on and made great time, setting up camp and eating before dusk! Looking forward to day 5 already...great effort from all so far...fantastic effort Morgan...keep it up everyone!

28 July 2010

Day 3

Following a few photos with Ben, we left Strathalan at 9.30 with aching muscles. After hitting every red light through various towns, we crossed over the amazing Forth Road Bridge, just after lunch. Whilst it was a near miss for Deano, as he spectacularly managed to fly off his bike and roll in the grass...others weren't so lucky, Larwood had two dramatic falls, just before we stopped off at Edinburgh Castle (No photos!) and as we had finished day 3 early we started day 4 to get in a few more miles... unfortunately, as we came to a round-a-bout (12 miles in), Deano braked, Larwood brake...but Morgan DIDN'T...ending up in an almighty crash, broken bike and a severe elbow injury...After a decent rest the boys are focused and ready for tomorrows challenges (including you Morgan!)

27 July 2010

Day Two - Balmoral Castle

A tough first part to the second ride saw the team cycle past another Scottish ski resort. We we also greeted by Ben along the way, putting our suffering on our bikes into some perspective and more than making up for the Queen not being in to greet us at Balmoral Castle! Tomorrow sees the team travel to Edinburgh...doing good boys...lets keep it up!

26 July 2010

The Epic First Day; Fort George to Gairnshiel Lodge

Leaving Fort George accompanied by The Black Watch bagpipes and a phone call from Ben was an inspirational start to the cycle ride. Through wind, sunshine and rain we wove our way up the Scottish hills to Gairnshiel Lodge. Whilst taking in the natural beauty of Scotland, crashing bikes and throwing up; the cyclists have begun to understand the epic undertaking ahead. After an incredible first day the boys are off to get an early night; 60 miles down, 840 to go...bring on tomorrow!

15 July 2010

A message from Carl Fogarty

I am a keen mountain biker so I have some idea of the challenge that these teenagers face for their fundraising cycle ride and I wish them all best. They are sure to be inspired by the efforts of Ben and other very seriously injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan. And there is no doubt that we can all do something to raise both awareness and funds and hopefully everyone will get behind the Back Ben Parkinson campaign and the fundraising ride

12 July 2010

Message from Francie & Jeremy Clarkson

Best of luck to Morgan and Harry and the rest of the team on your cycle ride boys. Ben is a truly inspirational man who embodies the grit, determination and bravery of our servicemen and women. They deserve our thanks, admiration and support. We know if he could, Ben would be with you; cycling every mile - up hill and down dale.

Francie and Jeremy Clarkson