02 August 2010

Day 7

Day seven saw the team travel to Doncaster, home of Ben Parkinson
(Yorkshire man of the year!). ITN news, British road cycling champion
Chris Parkinson along with his cycling club & the local Harley-
Davidson chapter joined us for our ride to the Mansion House.

A great and extremely fast run into Doncaster kicked off the day,
with Chris Parkinson leading the enormous peleton. After a delicious
roast from the Green Tree resturant the team met up with the Harley-
Davidson chapter and ITN news to get some footage that was later used
on ITN news at ten. With a great spread put on by the mayor, the day
was on that will live long in the memory.

A massive thanks to everyone involved today, as Ben said, it certainly
was a "good day". Finally, "it's not about the money it's about
creating relationships".

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