28 July 2010

Day 3

Following a few photos with Ben, we left Strathalan at 9.30 with aching muscles. After hitting every red light through various towns, we crossed over the amazing Forth Road Bridge, just after lunch. Whilst it was a near miss for Deano, as he spectacularly managed to fly off his bike and roll in the grass...others weren't so lucky, Larwood had two dramatic falls, just before we stopped off at Edinburgh Castle (No photos!) and as we had finished day 3 early we started day 4 to get in a few more miles... unfortunately, as we came to a round-a-bout (12 miles in), Deano braked, Larwood brake...but Morgan DIDN'T...ending up in an almighty crash, broken bike and a severe elbow injury...After a decent rest the boys are focused and ready for tomorrows challenges (including you Morgan!)

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